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May 5th, 2011

Bad beats and stakes

Posted by pokerlover in online poker

I know, I know, you’re tired of all the bad beats in your $.10/.25 game, and your $.50/1.00 game right? We hear it all too often. How in the world are you ever going to put together a bankroll when you’re constantly taking these bad beats? Top-notch professional players have written dozens of books on […]

July 6th, 2010

Missed the final table

Posted by pokerlover in online poker

Here I am finally home after a long 4th of July weekend partying in the Hamptons. We have a huge heat wave here, and it is good to be back in my air conditioned apartment. I am now plunged back into my favorite sport: Texas Holdem Poker. My two volumes of Harrington on Holdem have […]

March 11th, 2010

When to quit a session

Posted by pokerlover in online poker

When to end your poker session? This is the topic of much debate and recommendations in online poker forums. Everyone has his own method more or less effective and no one really agrees. One thing is for sure, when to end your poker session is one of these things that are not exactly poker strategy […]

December 17th, 2009

Avoid bad beats

Posted by pokerlover in online poker

You know the feeling. It seems like you have become the target of such an incredible run of bad luck at online poker that it seems like a conspiracy. how can you be so unlucky? Is your bad luck there to stay or will it go away? So is it just bad luck or is […]

February 3rd, 2008

Getting started in online poker

Posted by pokerlover in online poker

Getting started in online poker Before you begin playing online poker games, please familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions of the poker room of your choice. Know the minimum system requirements, such as Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP, 400MHz Pentium or faster CPU with at least 128MB of RAM, minimum screen resolution […]