November 19th, 2014

Poker is a Social Activity

Posted by pokerlover in games

People play poker for various reasons. I run into many different personality types at the poker table, both online and in the casino poker rooms. My observation is that most of the people I encounter are quite friendly and they seem to enjoy the social aspect afforded by poker. This is only one reason people gather around the felt. Other reasons include:


Gambling to make money

Having fun

Compulsive gambling

Adrenaline rushes

Actively refining ones knowledge of the game

It will serve you well to recognize these different personalities at the table. By understanding the other players personalities and motivations, you can adjust your play accordingly. I like to find a table where the players are sociable, having a good time, laughing and joking with each other. This is generally a profitable situation for a good player. At such tables, players tend to lower their guards and this is where you can make a nice poker profit.

I tend to be good natured at the table. I like to joke with the other players and make them feel comfortable. When they lose to me they aren’t as mad. This is an important thing to realize about human nature at the poker table. We don’t mind losing to people we like. On the other hand, people will usually tighten up our game and play better if they lose to someone they don’t like. They will lay in wait and play better hands. You lose out on their looser play under friendly social conditions.

My advice is to keep things fun at the poker table. Be friends with your opponents and they will be more willing to hand you their chips. If you are joking around they will not suspect that you are a long tooth shark seeking to feed on them fish. Do not give them any reason to think you are good at poker. If you discuss strategy talk like a fish. If you win a hand, say you are lucky. Look for a table that is having fun. This is where the profit is!

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