December 4th, 2011

Playing Sit-N-Go Poker for a Second Income

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A friend of mine told me he really wanted to begin playing poker as a second income. I has been a member of Pokerstars for awhile so he cannot enjoy that sign up bonus. He also belongs to Bodog Poker. He asked me if there are any other US sites that I can recommend that he can sign up with and get a good deposit bonus? And can I share some of my strategies for winning at the SNG’s.

Here are the sites I recommend for U.S. players where you can take advantage of generous first deposit bonuses:

Like my friend, I have already signed up at Pokerstars and can’t take advantage of their deposit bonus, but I did sign up at Carbon Poker to receive full advantage of their bonuses. It’s a great way to start and pump up your bankroll.

Frankly, I think if you can play competitively on Pokerstars then you can play anywhere. The quality of players on Stars is generally higher in my opinion. Sure, there are lots of fish, but you’ll encounter some excellent players, even in the lower limits. That’s ok – you don’t have to be the best player to be profitable. You just have to make your moves at the right time to take advantage of the looser players.

I recommend that you click the links, download their software for free and then look around at the games they offer, their interface and the number of players at the times you’re most likely to play. You should also read and understand how they release your bonus. You will find that some sites match up to your needs better than others.

There are many factors to consider in sit-n-go play. My best advice includes the following. Review a sit’m go strategy book thoroughly until you understand the concepts. Practice, Practice, Practice! Get experience in the lower limit SNG games before you move up to higher limits. Keep a log of your games including wins, losses and key things you learn. Play tight, aggressive in the early stage of the game – understand that most of the money is actually made in the late stages of the game.

You can virtually coast to the final 3 playing no hands at all, letting the other players bust out. During the early stage, watch and learn your opponents’ betting patterns. Shift gears for middle and late stages. After about 4 people have been eliminated you should start to play more hands but be very selective to increase your odds of making the money. Become much more aggressive in the late stage when you’re down to about 4 people, but play smart.

Your goal should always be to make the final three. After that, you can become hyper-aggressive with your good hands. Remember that the value of starting hands such as A 10 offsuit, K Q offsuit along with speculative hands are tenuous during the beginning stage of the game, but rapidly increase up as there are fewer people in the game. You should adjust your play accordingly. There are many factors to consider during each game. Every game I play I try to learn something new to add to my knowledge and abilities.

Many players earn a second income playing sit and go tourneys. I am not earning my living at it – not yet anyway. Like most serious poker players, I am taking my time, building my bankroll, and gaining knowlege and experience. I enjoy a great income from my primary job and I have the best boss ever. My income from poker just allows me to enjoy some of the nicer things in life.

Best of luck to you on the felt!

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