December 5th, 2010

Tired of poker

Posted by pokerlover in poker

I sat down and played poker for four hours straight yesterday, four/five tabling the whole time. This is the first time since I’ve moved that I’ve actually put in some serious hours. Sadly I am now a poker zombie.

I have long been aware that what I do and what I think about can be as effective at mood alteration as alcohol or other mood altering substances.

Poker really pushes my brain into a hyper focused state which I assume allows me to better make snap decisions. This is good and bad. You don’t have much time to actually make the decisions, but sometimes you want to spend more than 2-3 seconds mulling on a decision. I’ve found that stopping, taking a moment, and thinking through the situation really helps my performance. I’m not sure that I will ever be able to move beyond four tables for extended periods of time. Even with only four tables, I sometimes get flustered.

When I am done with the session, I usually feel very very detached, and unable to focus on anything at all for long periods of time. I also experience a deep mental/physical exhaustion after longer sessions. It takes a surprising amount of calories to think, as opposed to just vegging. And I can feel it in my body when I’m done. Online poker is not the same as watching television. The entertainment value is way higher, but it can take a toll on you. Some regulars are known to profitably 24-table for long periods of time at pokerstars and full tilt poker, and to be honest I do not know how they do that. It seems like a superhuman effort to me.

Anyway if I can 4-table profitably it is better than nothing, I just hope that I can take the stress a little bit better.

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