August 23rd, 2010

Casino Beacon – Honest Reviews For UK Online Casino Players

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New players to the online casino scene can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of casinos to choose from.

What’s most frustrating for many players is a lack of ‘real’ advice regarding which casinos are safe to play at. is a UK Online Casino review guide that believes it provides all this for newcomers to online gambling.

The biggest problem with 99.9% of online casino ‘review’ sites is that they are anything but honest. Don’t take our word for it – try a search for Online Casino Reviews in any search engine.

What you will come across is a website that highly praises all the casinos they list and mention little or nothing of negative findings. That isn’t exactly what we’d called a ‘review’ and the reason is obvious – the website doesn’t particularly want to provide a full and honest review of the casino – the website wants you to believe everything is fantastic and head to the casino and make your deposit. It’s all about the commission!

Casino Beacon can accurately be described as one of a kind in the online casino review industry. Their reviews are honest, transparent and usually run into thousands of words. You will definitely find reviews of superb online casinos but the review will often recommend changes that would make the casino even better. You will also find reviews that strongly criticise casinos and recommend you to stay away.

There are currently more than twenty online casinos reviewed at New reviews are added and existing reviews are updated frequently to ensure accuracy.

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