February 2nd, 2013

Online roulette

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roulette gameHaving fun with online roulette is a good way to relax from the daily constraints of work and family duties. After a long day of labor and exhaustion, sitting at your computer for a few games of roulette online is guaranteed to change your mind bor the better.

Online roulette is a very popular online casino game indeed. The game of roulette is a game of chance and it is sheer luck only that drives the results. The game has a board full of numbers and colors. Players have to place chips and put their bets on the numbers. The boards have alternative black and red colors. After all bets are made the dealer will throw a metal ball on the wheel which rolls and lands on one of the different numbers.

Live roulette has become a very popular online casino game all over the world. The reason behind the success of live roulette games online is that, you do not need to know any tricks and it’s a game of chance. Though the payout in roulette is less but it is still attractive to millions of online casino players.

In a live roulette game, you can put your bets on the numbers you expect to be the winning numbers. Those who play live roulette online can win big amounts with inside bets. In this game, if a player places a bet of $1, he can win $36. The player can also place a split bet. Split bets allow the players to place their bets on two different numbers and if one of the numbers wins, he will get $18 for placing a bet of $1.

When it comes to online live roulette, the basic difference is the feel of playing in a real casino with a real wheel. You might miss the excitement of a real casino, but it is still a real thing to be able to play live roulette from the comfort of your own home.

As far as the strategies of online roulette are concerned, there is none that works better than pure luck. All you need to do is, check the payout and try your luck. Millions of online casino players are having fun playing online roulette and so can you. So go ahead and join one of the best online casinos for an online roulette game now and have fun tonight and tomorrow.

May 5th, 2011

Bad beats and stakes

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I know, I know, you’re tired of all the bad beats in your $.10/.25 game, and your $.50/1.00 game right? We hear it all too often.

How in the world are you ever going to put together a bankroll when you’re constantly taking these bad beats? Top-notch professional players have written dozens of books on how to win at poker. Many of these books are fantastic for helping decent players get to the next level.

However, when do you suppose was the last time Barry Greenstein played a $.05/.10 game online? What about Doyle Brunson or Howard Lederer? Do you think these renowned player have ever needed to use a code marketing pokerstars or any other type of poker bonus or promotion. The answer is…probably never.

Most of these books discuss strategies that are beyond the mentality of the players in micro/low-stakes NL poker. Sure, it’s poker, but the game that pro’s play is completely different than the game we’re talking about.

What we don’t hear enough about is the mentality of low-limit players, and that’s what we’re going to discuss. We call it stake stereotyping. With any discussion about poker, you must always realize that there are often infinite situations that call for different styles of play and making the correct adjustments.

For example, PokerStars is known to have more solid, tight competition than most other rooms. This is because they have a huge bonus that takes some work to get through, and players want to break even at the tables while making a profit from the bonus. In most cases however, low-stakes games are very loose in comparison to higher stakes games. For that reason, we will use the typical loose, low-stakes game for this discussion.

What do we mean by stake stereotyping? Well, we’re talking about using the game limit to help determine proper strategy. There are plenty of poker strategy articles that discuss playing the player. However, in online poker the strategy in many cases needs to be more generalized, and that means before you sit down at the table.

“The Mad Genius” Mike Caro has explained the importance of stereotyping players in a live game, but what about online where clothing, jewelry, grooming, and other obvious information is not available? For online, low-limit play, you need to take Mike Caro’s idea one step backward and realize that these micro-limit players play very differently from whatever is considered good poker.

November 19th, 2014

Poker is a Social Activity

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People play poker for various reasons. I run into many different personality types at the poker table, both online and in the casino poker rooms. My observation is that most of the people I encounter are quite friendly and they seem to enjoy the social aspect afforded by poker. This is only one reason people gather around the felt. Other reasons include:


Gambling to make money

Having fun

Compulsive gambling

Adrenaline rushes

Actively refining ones knowledge of the game

It will serve you well to recognize these different personalities at the table. By understanding the other players personalities and motivations, you can adjust your play accordingly. I like to find a table where the players are sociable, having a good time, laughing and joking with each other. This is generally a profitable situation for a good player. At such tables, players tend to lower their guards and this is where you can make a nice poker profit.

I tend to be good natured at the table. I like to joke with the other players and make them feel comfortable. When they lose to me they aren’t as mad. This is an important thing to realize about human nature at the poker table. We don’t mind losing to people we like. On the other hand, people will usually tighten up our game and play better if they lose to someone they don’t like. They will lay in wait and play better hands. You lose out on their looser play under friendly social conditions.

My advice is to keep things fun at the poker table. Be friends with your opponents and they will be more willing to hand you their chips. If you are joking around they will not suspect that you are a long tooth shark seeking to feed on them fish. Do not give them any reason to think you are good at poker. If you discuss strategy talk like a fish. If you win a hand, say you are lucky. Look for a table that is having fun. This is where the profit is!

August 17th, 2012

Online bingo

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Online bingo offers a new big wave of fun and thrill.

Traditionally bingo was captured in the noisy, gritty real physical halls where people would go to entertain or refresh themselves with also an intention to earn fast bucks as a matter of chance or luck. But getting on the other side of the roof, you will find that bingo, in the virtual halls of the internet has started to become even more and more popular than its physical real form.

Despite, online bingo being the most popular and entertaining game of chance, it is seen by some scrupulous eyes that cite the game to be rather dull and a slow-paced game. Yet, “the truth is stranger than fiction” and the truth concerns bingo to be spectacularly a fast-paced game that demands a sharp and conscious brain, especially at the time when players mark off certain numbers on the cards.

Studies concerning how to improve brainy power happened to take place in Germany and certain other countries where the gaming pattern was widely appreciated as it also helped improve in hand-eye coordination.

However, in the same purview of modern world, a great many people tend to jump into many exotic things they could only dream with eyes shut down. Continuing to find such things, men have finally found the best option of experiencing joy in the form of online bingo that matches their previous interest in sporting event or going out drinking in pubs.

And when it comes to the young generation, they also find the game to be a rather entertaining and thrilling game to play with their friends. Plus, playing bingo in the four walls of your house even allows you to interact with a great many people in an amicable atmosphere where gossiping and interaction both take place simultaneously.

December 4th, 2011

Playing Sit-N-Go Poker for a Second Income

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A friend of mine told me he really wanted to begin playing poker as a second income. I has been a member of Pokerstars for awhile so he cannot enjoy that sign up bonus. He also belongs to Bodog Poker. He asked me if there are any other US sites that I can recommend that he can sign up with and get a good deposit bonus? And can I share some of my strategies for winning at the SNG’s.

Here are the sites I recommend for U.S. players where you can take advantage of generous first deposit bonuses:

Like my friend, I have already signed up at Pokerstars and can’t take advantage of their deposit bonus, but I did sign up at Carbon Poker to receive full advantage of their bonuses. It’s a great way to start and pump up your bankroll.

Frankly, I think if you can play competitively on Pokerstars then you can play anywhere. The quality of players on Stars is generally higher in my opinion. Sure, there are lots of fish, but you’ll encounter some excellent players, even in the lower limits. That’s ok – you don’t have to be the best player to be profitable. You just have to make your moves at the right time to take advantage of the looser players.

I recommend that you click the links, download their software for free and then look around at the games they offer, their interface and the number of players at the times you’re most likely to play. You should also read and understand how they release your bonus. You will find that some sites match up to your needs better than others.

There are many factors to consider in sit-n-go play. My best advice includes the following. Review a sit’m go strategy book thoroughly until you understand the concepts. Practice, Practice, Practice! Get experience in the lower limit SNG games before you move up to higher limits. Keep a log of your games including wins, losses and key things you learn. Play tight, aggressive in the early stage of the game – understand that most of the money is actually made in the late stages of the game.

You can virtually coast to the final 3 playing no hands at all, letting the other players bust out. During the early stage, watch and learn your opponents’ betting patterns. Shift gears for middle and late stages. After about 4 people have been eliminated you should start to play more hands but be very selective to increase your odds of making the money. Become much more aggressive in the late stage when you’re down to about 4 people, but play smart.

Your goal should always be to make the final three. After that, you can become hyper-aggressive with your good hands. Remember that the value of starting hands such as A 10 offsuit, K Q offsuit along with speculative hands are tenuous during the beginning stage of the game, but rapidly increase up as there are fewer people in the game. You should adjust your play accordingly. There are many factors to consider during each game. Every game I play I try to learn something new to add to my knowledge and abilities.

Many players earn a second income playing sit and go tourneys. I am not earning my living at it – not yet anyway. Like most serious poker players, I am taking my time, building my bankroll, and gaining knowlege and experience. I enjoy a great income from my primary job and I have the best boss ever. My income from poker just allows me to enjoy some of the nicer things in life.

Best of luck to you on the felt!

August 28th, 2011


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In the game of poker, bluffing consists in playing as if we had a different hand from that we really hold. The aim is to suggest that we have a good hand while it is truly a weak hand, or to suggest that we have a garbage hand when you have a monster hand.

In the first case, the goal is to win the pot despite a weak hand. For this, we must bet enough to get our opponents to fold. Hopefully they do not have very good hands that lead them to call or raise our bets for us to lose the final round. In the second case, the aim is to slow play despite a strong hand in order to attract other players in the game and extract as much money as possible.

A bluff well done is made with the correct betting. Neither too strong nor too weak not to arouse suspicion. It is also an attitude that must match the one we have if we held a hand equal to the one we represent. When bluffing like in any gamble, you have to control your emotions not to be too transparent for the other players.

One example taken from a WPT table will show how it works. Ken Rosen, 10 of spades and 4 of diamonds throws his hand, followed by Ted Kearly with King of Clubs and 5 of spades who does the same, Jordan Rich button raises $220,000 with a 6 and 3 of diamonds, Eugene Katchalov calls with a pair of jacks and Devilfish Ulliott mocks queen of diamonds and 8 of clubs.

The flop comes 8 of spades, queen of hearts and jack of diamonds. Nothing interesting for Jordan Rich but Eugene Katchalov hits middle set. Jordan tries to bluff by raising to $320,000 but Eugene reraises to $840,000. Jordan tries one last bluff by raising of $1,620,000 but is 5-bet by Eugene for $2,640,000 who won the hand without drawing the last card.

This move is interesting to explain a bluff that fails. Initially, Jordan Rich hoped a color flop, a small pair or a straight. Even without mentioning the hand of Eugene Katchalov after the flop, Jordan cannot expect much. He can dream of a color to the river or a pair, but his hand is really weak now and he should probably anticipate that Eugene has a better hand than him. Despite this, Jordan Rich cannot imagine one second that Eugene hit a set of jacks. If he did he would fold without hesitation. That’s why he tries a bluff by raising the first $ 320,000. When Eugene Katchalov reraised to $840,000, Jordan would normally give up, but he is convinced his opponent does not have a very strong hand. So he tried a big bluff by raising of $1,620,000. The sum is important. Jordan has just bet 28% of his stack on that hand but Eugene with his set cannot pass up. His last revival of 2.64 million U.S. dollars is way too high for Jordan who cannot take more risk. The shot is lost to Jordan. His bluff failed.

The fact that the stroke is lost by Jordan Rich does not mean that he played badly. Instead, he has led his bluff by betting enough to deter to his opponent to call without a great hand. Simply, Eugene Katchalov had an excellent hand. A bluff in poker cannot always work well even if properly conducted. Especially when it is confronted with a hand of high value. Conversely, a poorly played bluff can work very well if the opponent has a small hand.

January 30th, 2011

Blackjack tips

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In Blackjack, try to play the basic strategy if you want a chance to enter in a winning streak.

In order to increase you edge at blackjack, it is important to follow a few simple rules and tips. If you are a beginner at the blackjack casino game, then start out by entering the casino mode offered by casinos with auto play to assist you. This will go a long way in helping you to get a hang of it so that you don’t lose your money foolishly when you are at it actually.

Another crucial tip is to predetermine your bankroll prior to playing so that you are not spending money more than you cannot afford to lose. You must also wisely choose a table where the maximum bet is not higher than 5% of your bankroll. In that case you will lose less and be able to enjoy a great deal more of game time.

The basic strategy must be thoroughly memorized, applied correctly and stuck to rigidly, no matter what. The main goal of blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21 and thus the intention to copy or beat the dealer should be tossed as you might end up busting more often than winning.

One of the most significant blackjack tip is to remember to split pairs of aces and 8’s but not nay face cards or 10’s. The knowledge of when to hit and stand is crucial too. You must hit hard till you reach 17 or more, stand on 17 or more and hit soft 18 if the dealer has 10. Watching the value of cards is of paramount importance. If the dealer holds 7 or higher, play up till 17 or higher. Against the dealers 4, 5 or 6, double with 9 and play soft hands of 13-17. Double your 10 against dealers 9 or lower and double with any hand of 11.

By varying your betting size according to your results and increasing them if you are winning and decreasing them if you are losing is a rational approach. It is common sense but is very often overlooked in the excitement of the game and in the heat of the moment.

A no nonsense tip that should be followed is that blackjack is a game that requires a great deal of practice and the more you play, the better you will get at it. Focusing on the dealer and his up card rather than your neighbor’s. If other players at the table are upsetting you with their playing strategies, you must make a quick move.

Most of the players don’t even consider the rules of the game before they sit down to play. If you are not well versed with the rules, tips and blackjack strategies then begin by learning the game on a video blackjack machine. If you are tired and exhausted, its time to call it quit or at least take a break before you dip your head into this great casino game once again.

December 5th, 2010

Tired of poker

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I sat down and played poker for four hours straight yesterday, four/five tabling the whole time. This is the first time since I’ve moved that I’ve actually put in some serious hours. Sadly I am now a poker zombie.

I have long been aware that what I do and what I think about can be as effective at mood alteration as alcohol or other mood altering substances.

Poker really pushes my brain into a hyper focused state which I assume allows me to better make snap decisions. This is good and bad. You don’t have much time to actually make the decisions, but sometimes you want to spend more than 2-3 seconds mulling on a decision. I’ve found that stopping, taking a moment, and thinking through the situation really helps my performance. I’m not sure that I will ever be able to move beyond four tables for extended periods of time. Even with only four tables, I sometimes get flustered.

When I am done with the session, I usually feel very very detached, and unable to focus on anything at all for long periods of time. I also experience a deep mental/physical exhaustion after longer sessions. It takes a surprising amount of calories to think, as opposed to just vegging. And I can feel it in my body when I’m done. Online poker is not the same as watching television. The entertainment value is way higher, but it can take a toll on you. Some regulars are known to profitably 24-table for long periods of time at pokerstars and full tilt poker, and to be honest I do not know how they do that. It seems like a superhuman effort to me.

Anyway if I can 4-table profitably it is better than nothing, I just hope that I can take the stress a little bit better.

October 4th, 2010

Phil Laak wins WSOPE bracelet

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Phil Laak also known as the “Unabomber” is a professional poker player who was born in Dublin, Ireland on September 8, 1972. Phil Laak was raised in New York where he learned how to be a good backgammon player before moving out to the west coast to master poker.

Phil first broke out into the poker scene with a victory at the World Poker Tour’s Celebrity Invitational’s on February 2004. Most recently Phil Laak added a big win to his already amazing poker resume. Phil Laak won a World Series of Poker bracelet in the 2010 WSPOPE Six Max NL Hold’em event with a £2,650 buy-in. Laak raked in £170,802 for the first place win.

Phil Laak has more than 2.5 million dollars in poker tournament winnings. Phil Laak gained his nickname the “Unabomber” because most of the time he wears a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses at the poker table. Phil Laak puts up the hood and ties it down to hide his entire face when in critical moments in order to hide any tells opponents might pick up off of his face. Phil Laak has been known to play at the highest stakes cash games in Las Vegas and to have some of the longest cash game sessions out of any professional cash game player.

Prior to the 2010 WSOPE and a win in the PartyPoker World Poker Open the year before, it has been quite a while since Phil Laak has had a good tournament run. This WSOPE bracelet comes as a great relief to the professional poker player. 2010 has proved to be one of Phil Laak’s best years with over $630k in tournament earnings. Phil Laak hadn’t seen a year so good since 2005 when he brought in over $700k in tournament earnings.

Here is a quick break down of how the action unfolded at the 2010 WSOPE event.

Phil Laak started the final table as a big stack along with Andrew Pantling and 2-time WSOP winner Chris Bjorin. The six handed action came down to those three players however Phil Laak hadn’t picked up too many chips and Andrew Pantling had amassed a giant stack to lead in chip count by far.

Phil Laak doubled up through Pantling and kept on chipping away at him in an attempt to take the lead. Phil Laak knocked out Bjorin with a pair of cowboys and closed that chip gap by that much more going into heads up play with Pantling. Phil Laak chipped away at Pantling until he had a three to one lead on Pantling. Phil Laak dealt the winning blow to Pantling when his K5 outdrew Pantling’s A10 in the final hand. Congratulations Phil Laak on winning the 2010 WSOPE event.

August 23rd, 2010

Casino Beacon – Honest Reviews For UK Online Casino Players

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New players to the online casino scene can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of casinos to choose from.

What’s most frustrating for many players is a lack of ‘real’ advice regarding which casinos are safe to play at. CasinoBeacon.co.uk is a UK Online Casino review guide that believes it provides all this for newcomers to online gambling.

The biggest problem with 99.9% of online casino ‘review’ sites is that they are anything but honest. Don’t take our word for it – try a search for Online Casino Reviews in any search engine.

What you will come across is a website that highly praises all the casinos they list and mention little or nothing of negative findings. That isn’t exactly what we’d called a ‘review’ and the reason is obvious – the website doesn’t particularly want to provide a full and honest review of the casino – the website wants you to believe everything is fantastic and head to the casino and make your deposit. It’s all about the commission!

Casino Beacon can accurately be described as one of a kind in the online casino review industry. Their reviews are honest, transparent and usually run into thousands of words. You will definitely find reviews of superb online casinos but the review will often recommend changes that would make the casino even better. You will also find reviews that strongly criticise casinos and recommend you to stay away.

There are currently more than twenty online casinos reviewed at CasinoBeacon.co.uk. New reviews are added and existing reviews are updated frequently to ensure accuracy.